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Innovative Director: James Cameron

The trailer for "Avatar: The Way of Water" is taking the net by storm. It could be considered a truly legendary comeback, as we've waited nearly 10 years for it - and now, more than ever, it's appropriate to talk about James Cameron.

    Filmustage to attend the 75th Cannes Film Festival

    We dive into the history of the Festival de Cannes and also announce something interesting...

    How Star Wars changed the cinematography

    In anticipation of one of the major holidays of the year, Filmustage has a new blog for you, which is, of course, dedicated to Star Wars!

    Taika Waititi: between comedy and tragedy

    Today we will examine the path as well as the directorial style of Taika Waititi. And in the end, we will try to answer the question "what makes Taika Waititi one of the most versatile filmmakers of our time".

    How to make a Boom: Michael Bay

    An action movie fanatic, a film critics' "favourite" and simply one of the highest-grossing directors of our time. Today we want to tell you about the controversial, but a very interesting figure of Michael Bay.

    A brief look at the nature of propaganda

    What do we know about propaganda? Certainly, we are used to consider it in a negative way... But have you ever wondered how propagandists use cinema to their advantage? Well, Filmustage will try to examine this topic.

    How illusions are created: Christopher Nolan

    Nolan is an extremely versatile filmmaker, and his films are a very skillful bridge between two global branches of cinema, namely between the auteur and the commercial. Today, we will try to dissect the director's style and answer the question, how does Christopher Nolan create magic on the screen?

    The race for the Oscars: who will come out on top?

    The Oscars ceremony is just around the corner. Filmustage can't afford to miss one of the world's major film events, so we've prepared a digest of all the most notable films of 2021 for you!

    Filmustage debut at the Berlin Film Festival

    Filmustage took part at the European Film Market at the Berlin Film Festival. Together with our guests, we discussed new trends and innovations in film production and assessed the prospects for artificial intelligence in cinema.

    Apocalypse scenarios in cinema

    What are the most common ''the end of the world'' scenarios in cinema? Let's find out!

    Make movies - not war

    It's not the most positive thing to talk about today, but it's important to discuss it nonetheless.

    Main breakdown battle: human VS AI

    We've been talking a lot about technology lately, so today we will touch on the subject of script breakdown: we will reflect on why it is important and why we are obsessed with speeding up and automating the process as much as possible.

    The evolution of special effects in cinema

    Filmmaking is a complex process in which a huge number of people are involved. We're going to look at the evolution of special effects in cinema and talk about the biggest names in the industry.

    The most heartbreaking films - Valentine's Day edition

    We've put together a selection of the most remarkable movies for Valentine's Day Eve. Enjoy.

    Essential editing transitions - explained

    Editing is a thing that not everyone notices in movies. In fact, we all see it, of course, but we don't always give it the importance it deserves, even though editing is what makes movies exist. Today we're going to talk about editing: basic techniques and transitions.

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