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Alex Shkurny

Video enthusiast...pretending to be.
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Mad Max: How to Create the Most Stylish Post-apocalypse

Let's talk about one of the great yet most amazing films of the 2010s.

    A Philosophy of Violence: Park Chang-Wook

    A detailed guide to the wonderworlds of Park Chang-Wook. A hymn to humanity and an ode to human vices.

    The Frightening Chameleon or How to Get to Know Lars von Trier

    No one likes to be manipulated, but that's exactly how Lars von Trier's pictures feel. Today we will try to answer the question of why love-hate relationships have developed around this director.

    Conveying the tragedy through comedy: Woody Allen

    Today we will talk about a controversial figure from the world of cinema. Some people think he is a genius director, while others underestimate him. For us, this contradiction is enough to study Woody Allen's directing style.

    Filmustage news: updated film scheduling and reports

    We are pleased to present another software update of the Filmustage platform.

    The Master of Dystopian cinema: Yorgos Lanthimos

    There is a lot of controversy about the art house cinema, but today we will talk about its brightest and most daring representative, Yorgos Lanthimos.

    Top 5 The Most Insane Stunts Ever Performed

    We continue to narrate about the brave men and women who put themselves in danger for the sake of cinema.

    Stunt supervisor: Fairy behind the scenes

    This week our new blog is dedicated to the dangerous but highly entertaining and necessary craft of stunt supervisor.

    How Artificial Intelligence tools change movies production

    Can artificial intelligence become part of cinema? Hell, yes! We think this is a rhetorical question, and you'll find out why in our blog.

    A tribute to Mexican genius: Alejandro G. Iñárritu

    Filmustage returns this week with a new blog about Mexican visionary Alejandro González Iñárritu. Enjoy reading.

    Dall-E2 vs Midjorney. Artificial Intelligence changes art landscape

    How can artificial intelligence affect the creative process? Until recently, it was hard to believe how much neural networks could change art...

    Summer release: Scene breaks and Headings editor!

    Filmustage is excited to present new features!

    How to do a script breakdown?

    Everything you need to know about script breakdown in one place.

    Scary, ridiculous, and daring: the best B-horror movies

    We delved into the world of horror to tell you about its coolest representatives.

    Poker on Film: Why Casinos Remain Appealing in Cinema

    Have you ever wondered about the essence of casinos in cinema? Well, we decided to reflect on this subject in our little blog.

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