Analyze Risks in Your Script Using AI

Empower your production with AI prompts. Identify legal and safety risks, manage your production environment, address specific concerns, and uncover potential problems.

Manage legal and safety risks
No more worries about Legal and Safety concerns

Manage legal and safety risks

With this approach, you won't have to stress about legal and safety issues anymore. AI Analysis tool can examine your script's scenes for:

  • Copyright Clearance: The AI helps filmmakers by identifying possible copyright infringements, aiding in avoiding legal issues.
  • Safety Measures: Filmustage detects scenes requiring additional safety measures, ensuring on-set security.
  • Minors in Scenes: The tool determines when a legal guardian or chaperone is necessary for scenes involving minors, ensuring compliance with regulations.
Maintain a safe production environment
More security on set

Maintain a safe production environment

Ensuring the safety of the crew is a top priority. Our AI Analysis pinpoints potentially risky elements in script scenes, enhancing safety and preparation:

  • Stunt Performance: Identifies scenes requiring stunt work.
  • Animal Involvement: Determines the need for animal wranglers during shoots.
  • Environmental Precautions: Scans for potential hazards like contamination, excessive noise, and fire risks in shooting locations.
Plan your production effortlessly
Faster and more effective planning

Plan your production effortlessly

Streamline your production process by efficiently scheduling dialogue scenes, organizing references, and assessing crew requirements:

  • Dialogue Screen Time: AI helps ensure each dialogue scene gets the right amount of screen time.
  • Movie References: Filmustage efficiently searches for movie references relevant to your scenes.
  • Crew Availability: Easily check and confirm the availability of required professionals for your production.
Analyze anything you want
Efficiency enhancement

Analyze anything you want

Use your custom requests to analyze the scenes. You can address specific concerns and expose potential problems before they arise:

  • Potential dangerous items and props.
  • Movie reference.
  • Specific objects in a scene.
  • Specific required equipment.

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