Filmustage debut at the Berlin Film Festival

Filmustage took part at the European Film Market at the Berlin Film Festival. Together with our guests, we discussed new trends and innovations in film production and assessed the prospects for artificial intelligence in cinema.

Filmustage debut at the Berlin Film Festival

Hi there, how much do you know about changes in the film industry? Of course, if you've read our recent blog on how to make films in 2022, you probably know the answer. However, we exist within an industry that tends to constantly evolve and this is especially evident in this day and age of digital technology. Sometimes we may not even notice that the world has entered a new era, because the innovations in the digital field may seem small and insignificant. But all of these innovations are forward-looking, and they are quietly taking root in our practices. And so it is with filmmaking: there are many cool ideas that have the potential to upend and improve already established processes - and one of the most cutting-edge is the idea of introducing artificial intelligence into filmmaking. And that's not idle speculation, it's a fact that's been confirmed by professionals. We spoke at a special event, the European Film Market, which is part of Europe's biggest film festival, Berlinale. At the event we discussed how to introduce artifficial intelligence tools into film production processes.

Also after a long time of hard work we are happy to announce the release of the new Custom categories feature in the Filmustage software. Be one of the first to test the new functionality - click here for more detailed information.

Let's get started

2022 will be a real game-changer! New technologies and processes are now implemented in all steps of filmmaking.  On the 14th of February Filmustage organized a panel discussion to cover main trends and solutions in the Artificial intelligence sphere, present a demo of automatic script breakdown and scheduling AI-based assistant from Filmustage, set open discussion with industry experts about Virtual Production, Artificial Intelligence, new tools and 2022 trends for Media and Entertainment industry.

The discussion was opened by Roger Christian, producer, director and production designer. Roger Christian has, over the years, worked on numerous cult productions, among them Ridley Scott's "Alien" (1979), as well as George Lucas' "Star Wars" (1977) originals, for which he received an honorary Academy Award. Roger Christian has always been at the forefront of technology and contemporary solutions, so we have complete confidence in his expert opinion.

Roger Christian (left) on the set with George Lucas (right)

Pre-production processes do take a lot of time these days - and this is only natural in today's environment. When a script arrives at a studio, and this is particularly exacerbated in the case of indie films, producers ask: can you make a film for a certain amount of money? However, this process is delayed because to know how much a film is worth, you have to plan it first, and that takes a very expensive amount of time. Here's what Roger Christian has to say about it:

"So what you have come up with, which helps filmmakers no end, it's a simple online way where you can import your script and... I can do a simple schedule online. And, for instance, where I am aware and knoledgeble of every single place I'm going to shoot and all the set: everything. So I have that and I know which actors I can, kind of, accommodate cost away, so I can before I start discussing the financing with the financier I can legitimately say, "Look, I can make this film in five weeks".

Filmustage saves up to 10 days of manual data import into established industry software. That's why you can use our service: AI based neural networks will do everything in a matter of minutes and than you can export the result into spreadsheets, .pdf documents, even industry standard software like Movie Magic Scheduling.

Also we invited William Cardwell to speak on our virtual platform. William is an investor in early-stage technology companies, he has invested in more than 50 startups across Europe to name a few: TechMinsk Ventures, Open Circle Capital, and Courage Ventures Funds. William has been in the technology industry for 20 years and he understands the needs of the market and knows when it's time to invest in innovation. Here are just some of the images from his incredibly informative presentation.

We are also not forgetting our direct colleagues, so we have invited Simona Vasytė-Kudakauskė. Simona has been working on entertainment and fashion products for 10 years. And currently, together with the Perfection42 team, she is on a mission to empower CGI & game Creators to reach Unlimited Quality with custom AI tools.

"We are empowering creators to reach unlimited quality without a single line of code. So we are giving the power of AI to the creators and helping them to reach Disney level"

The last special guest speaker was Volodymyr Ovsiienko. He is a business development executive at Respeecher, an Emmy award-winning voice cloning system that allows one person to speak in the voice of another particular person, so obviously AI systems are closely integrated into Respeecher's work.

Respeecher is for anyone who would benefit from voice replication technology — from Hollywood movie studios to game developers. If you want full creative control of your project and impeccable quality — Respeecher is for you: - Filmmakers & TV producers- Dubbing & Localization- Game Developers- …


Of course, in this text we have only told you about a small part of our virtual event. However, that does not make it any less interesting - on the contrary, it is not only very informative, but also highly topical, so we did not want to spoil everything for you. We've put it all together in a single video, which you can check out on YouTube. We strongly encourage you to listen to our cool guests. And afterwards, we'd like to thank the Berlinale Film Festival and the organisers of the European Film Market for the opportunity to talk about innovations in the film industry.

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