Make movies - not war

It's not the most positive thing to talk about today, but it's important to discuss it nonetheless.

Make movies - not war

Art by @nadi_bulochka

Hello, everyone. Today we are not going to talk about movies. On 24 February, the world has changed irrevocably. Our attention is riveted on the brutal war waged by the Russian state, a war that should never have happened in our seemingly civilised times. Hardly any of us seriously believed that such a major conflict was possible in 2022. However, past lives have been shattered and we now live in a new reality in which there is war.

The first victim of war is the truth. So we believe and even urge all filmmakers, screenwriters, producers and everyone else to direct their attention to saving the truth. Art could not end war, but only the truth that can be conveyed through cinema will save from war. Of course we all love to see beautiful, poetic, fiction movies, but now cinema must become a tool to deliver the truth. We ask you to become journalists, brave and sincere, because that is the only way we can portray reality as objectively as possible. Today, we must all begin to think like journalists because it is the only way filmmakers can help the Ukrainian people.

Ukraine has become home to many cool startups, and although we are not a Ukrainian company, we have offices in Kiev. A significant part of our team - including Filmustage CEO Egor Dubrovskiy - is in the epicentre of the war and is fighting alongside the people of Ukraine: volunteering, giving publicity, arranging accommodation and transport. We have been personally affected and we will continue to help, because we believe that good will conquer evil. Any war ends with negotiations. No to war!

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