The 7 coolest filmmaking pre-production tools of 2023

The movie industry, steeped in conservative traditions, has often been slow to embrace change. However, in 2023, the need to adapt and innovate is more critical than ever.

The 7 coolest filmmaking pre-production tools of 2023

Traditionally, filmmakers have relied on tried-and-true methods, but the digital age has ushered in a new world. The era of neural networks has transformed the concept of AI in cinema from antagonists in films about the rise of machines into indispensable assistants at all stages of project realization, including pre-production. So today, selecting the right software isn't just an option; it's a game-changer. These tools aren't just about convenience; they're about catapulting your project into the future. Your choice of pre-production software can make or break your project.

In one of our previous articles, we did a short review of software that helps speed up production processes. But, as we already mentioned, the digital world does not stand still: new names have appeared, and familiar products are acquiring new features to meet customer needs and keep up with the times. In this article, we'll explore why your choice of pre-production software matters now more than ever. We'll take a look at this year's coolest pre-production solutions and delve into the ways they are challenging long-held norms and reshaping the filmmaking landscape. Let’s go!

Defining Pre-production

Before moving on to the software review, let's talk about what pre-production is.

Pre-production is the initial phase of any creative endeavor, where the project's vision takes shape, planning is done, and essential groundwork is laid. It involves tasks like concept development, scriptwriting, storyboarding, budgeting, scheduling, casting, location scouting, and more.

📖 Read more about the stages of pre-production on our blog.

The Role of Pre-production Software

Pre-production software plays a pivotal role in streamlining and enhancing the creative and logistical aspects of a project. It acts as the digital toolbox that assists professionals in executing tasks more efficiently and collaboratively.

The Role of Pre-production Software

Here's why selecting the right pre-production software is so vital:

🤝 Organization and Collaboration: Pre-production involves multiple departments and individuals working together. The right software can provide a centralized platform where everyone can collaborate, share files, and update project information in real time. This fosters efficient communication and ensures everyone is on the same page.

🕗 Efficiency: Time is of the essence in pre-production. Software tools can automate repetitive tasks, making it quicker to create schedules, budgets, or production boards. This not only saves time but also reduces the risk of errors.

💻 Visualization: Visualization is key in fields like filmmaking and animation. Pre-production software often includes tools for storyboarding, 3D modeling, or animatics creation. These help creators visualize their ideas and make necessary adjustments before moving into the production phase.

💰 Budget Management: Managing budgets is critical in any project. Pre-production software can help create detailed budgets, track expenses, and make adjustments as needed to keep the project on track financially.

🎞️ Resource Allocation: Whether it's assigning roles to actors and crew in film production or allocating tasks to developers in software development, pre-production software aids in efficient resource allocation.

⚠️ Risk Mitigation: Identifying and addressing potential issues early in the process can prevent costly problems later on. Good pre-production software includes features for risk assessment and mitigation planning.

How to Choose the Right Pre-Production Software

In the ever-evolving landscape of filmmaking, selecting the right pre-production software is akin to choosing the perfect lens for your camera. It's a critical decision that can significantly impact the entire filmmaking process. Here are some essential factors to consider when making this choice:

1. Compatibility and Integration 🛠️

Before diving into any pre-production software, assess its compatibility with your existing tools and workflows. Does it integrate seamlessly with your preferred editing software, post-production pipelines, and other production tools? The ability to transfer data effortlessly between different stages of production is invaluable.

2. Scriptwriting and Storyboarding Features ✍️

If you're a screenwriter or director, prioritize software that excels in scriptwriting and storyboarding. Look for features that support industry-standard formatting and allow for easy script revisions. A robust storyboard creation tool can also help you visualize your scenes effectively.

How to Choose the Right Pre-Production Software

3. Collaboration Capabilities 🤝

Filmmaking is a collaborative endeavor. Ensure that the software you choose enables real-time collaboration among team members. It should allow for multiple users to work on the same project simultaneously, with features like revision tracking and commenting to facilitate communication.

4. Budget and Cost 💸

Consider your budget constraints. Pre-production software comes in a range of pricing models, from free and open-source options to premium software with advanced features. Determine what features you need and find software that fits your budget.

5. Ease of Use 🧑‍💻

A user-friendly interface can save you time and frustration. Look for software that is intuitive and doesn't require a steep learning curve. You want a tool that allows you to focus on creativity, not wrestling with the software.

6. Mobile Accessibility 📱

In today's fast-paced filmmaking world, having access to your pre-production tools on the go can be a game-changer. Consider software that offers mobile apps or cloud-based solutions, allowing you to work from anywhere.

7. Security and Data Protection 🛡️

Protecting your script and production data is crucial. Ensure that the software provides adequate security measures and backup options to safeguard your work against data loss or unauthorized access.

8. Support and Updates 🚀

Check the availability of customer support and the frequency of software updates. Good support can be a lifesaver when you encounter issues, and regular updates indicate a commitment to improving the software's functionality.

9. Trial Periods

Whenever possible, take advantage of trial periods or free versions of software to test its suitability for your needs. Hands-on experience is the best way to assess whether a tool aligns with your workflow.

Remember that the "right" pre-production software ultimately depends on your specific needs and preferences. Take the time to research, try out different options, and choose the software that enhances your creative process and helps bring your vision to life on the screen.

Now that we've explored the importance of selecting the right pre-production software, let's dive into the top 7 solutions that are shaping the future of filmmaking in 2023.

The Top 7 Pre-production Tools


Celtx is a versatile pre-production software designed to streamline the filmmaking process. It offers industry-standard script formatting to ensure your scripts are presentation-ready. Celtx also excels in storyboard creation, providing efficient tools for scene and shot visualization.

Celtx also provides users with a diverse array of tools to assist in the development of their stories, including beat sheets, breakdowns, and story maps. These tools prove invaluable in helping you organize your thoughts and ideas, allowing you to craft a clear and concise story structure

One of Celtx's standout features is its collaborative nature, allowing multiple team members to work on projects simultaneously. With integrated cloud storage, you can access your work from anywhere, facilitating remote collaboration.

🧮 Celtx accommodates different budgetary needs by offering both free and premium versions starting from $7.50 per month.

Moreover, Celtx integrates seamlessly with other software solutions, such as Final Draft, which we mention later, to enhance your workflow efficiency.

Final Draft

Final Draft is the go-to software for screenwriters and playwrights seeking a professional edge in their craft. It offers robust tools that ensure your scripts adhere to industry standards.

In addition to scriptwriting, Final Draft provides an array of features for storyboarding, helping you visualize scenes and shots efficiently. It's a practical canvas for bringing your narrative to life visually.

One of Final Draft's strengths is its ability to facilitate collaboration. It allows multiple team members to work on scripts simultaneously, with tracking changes and commenting features to streamline communication.

Final Draft also also caters to various budget constraints, offering both premium and educational versions. But take note that a Final Draft single-user license is not a subscription; rather, it's a one-time purchase.

🧮Final Draft offers two pricing plans: Final Draft 12 ($249.99) and Final Draft 12 Studio ($499.99). Final Draft 12 is the basic plan, while Final Draft 12 Studio is the advanced plan with additional features for video production and integration with other software.

Furthermore, as you may have guessed, Final Draft seamlessly integrates with other creative software like Celtx, enhancing overall workflow.


Filmustage is a real gem for those who want to save time in pre-production. While the very mention of AI gives screenwriters goosebumps, Filmustage not only does not replace filmmakers but significantly makes their work easier.

Filmustage is an industry revolutionist, being the first cloud-based platform that provides access to an AI-powered script breakdown. In the world of filmmaking, where time is of the essence, this innovation couldn't be more timely. While many film professionals still find themselves painstakingly dissecting screenplays scene by scene and word by word to break down movie scripts into key elements, with Filmustage this labor-intensive process is a thing of the past. Powered by AI, it can perform a script breakdown of 100 scenes in just 1 minute, significantly reducing the time spent on pre-production.

Filmustage doesn't just stop at script breakdown. It helps you plan and organize the entire production. Filmustage's AI offers automatic recognition of critical shooting elements, including cast, props, locations, and VFX. This level of detail allows for the creation of a meticulously crafted shooting schedule. It also assists in planning locations and logistics, estimating pre-production and shooting times, adding location tags, and even rearranging scenes. Plus, you'll receive exhaustive reports and summaries for each scene, effortlessly exportable to Movie Magic Scheduling or your preferred software.

Breakdown Summary with Filmustage
Breakdown Summary with Filmustage

Filmustage's artificial intelligence also analyzes the script for potential issues, detects legal and safety risks, manages production environments and enhances schedules with Dialogue Screen Time and visual references.

With Filmustage, creating scene summaries (synopses) is a breeze. The technology generates concise and comprehensive overviews for each scene, making project management smoother.

One of the new Fimustage’s features is Day Out Of Days Reports. IT simplifies the task of creating and exporting information on how many days actors, props, or other elements are needed for specific scene shooting. It's an invaluable tool for managing the production schedule efficiently.

🧮 Because Filmustage works with clients of different levels, from large studios to independent filmmakers, it offers accordingly different pricing plans for different budget levels, starting from $49 for a monthly license with a seven-day trial period.

In an industry known for its breakneck pace, where every minute counts, Filmustage automates and accelerates the production processes that matter most. Filmustage is here to bridge that gap, revolutionizing how scripts are analyzed and parsed, saving precious time and resources for the creative visionaries behind the camera. This is the AI ​​that everyone who works on the script need not be afraid of.


In the world of filmmaking, precision and organization are key, and StudioBinder has emerged as the ultimate ally for filmmakers and production teams. This pre-production software seamlessly blends creative freedom with logistical efficiency.

Starting with script development, StudioBinder ensures your screenplays meet industry standards with impeccable formatting. But StudioBinder doesn't limit itself to scriptwriting; it also empowers you with storyboard creation tools that elevate your storytelling.

StudioBinder makes it easy for team members to collaborate on projects. It acts as a digital canvas where multiple team members can work together simultaneously. Users can share schedules, shot lists, and other documents with each other, and they can also leave comments and notes on each other's work. Whether you're in the same room or continents apart, StudioBinder's integrated cloud storage keeps your projects accessible from anywhere. And when you're on the move, StudioBinder's mobile app ensure you stay connected to your projects.

🧮 Budget constraints are a reality in the world of filmmaking, and StudioBinder addresses this by offering both free and premium versions. StudioBinder offers three pricing plans, starting from $249 per month. The Starter plan is ideal for small teams and independent filmmakers, while the Agency and Enterprise plans are designed for larger teams and production companies.

What's more, StudioBinder seamlessly integrates with other industry-standard software solutions like Final Draft. This means your workflow remains efficient, and you can focus on what truly matters: storytelling.

Movie Magic

In the intricate realm of filmmaking, where magic meets meticulous planning, old but gold Movie Magic takes the stage as your wizardry toolkit. Movie Magic software is a suite of production software tools for the film and television industry.

The heart of Movie Magic lies in its script breakdown and schedulling. Movie Magic Scheduling helps filmmakers create and manage detailed schedules for their projects. The stripboard view serves as the central interface where you can work your magic. You have the freedom to effortlessly drag and drop scenes and other elements, creating a visual representation of your schedule. Additionally, the auto-schedule feature can generate schedules automatically, tailored to your preferences. This includes factors like the desired number of pages to tackle each day, the total number of available days, and the availability of your cast and crew members.

Characters and props breathe life into your story, and Movie Magic embraces this essence. You can seamlessly integrate virtual characters, props, and set elements into your storyboards, ensuring that actor placements and interactions align seamlessly with your vision. Sharing your cinematic spell is effortless with Movie Magic. Movie Magic Schedulling offers a variety of reports that can be used to track the progress of the schedule, identify potential problems, and communicate with cast and crew members.

But Movie Magic doesn't stop at visual enchantment; it extends its magic to Movie Magic Budgeting. You can seamlessly create, manage, and track expenses, ensuring your production stays on budget without compromising creativity.

🧮 What is the price of this magic, you ask? Movie Magic offers a variety of pricing plans for its different software products, with prices starting at $169. Subscription-based pricing is also available for some products, starting at $49 per month.

Gorilla Scheduling

Gorilla Scheduling, also known as Gorilla, is professional scheduling software designed specifically for film and television productions. It serves as a powerful tool to meticulously plan and manage the complex logistics of a film shoot, ensuring that everything runs smoothly and efficiently.

Gorilla allows users to perform comprehensive script breakdowns. It automatically identifies and categorizes elements such as cast, props, locations, and special effects from the script. This breakdown serves as the foundation for planning the production. With the script breakdown in place, Gorilla assists in creating shooting schedules. It helps allocate shooting days, manage locations, and plan the sequence of scenes, ensuring that the production progresses in an organized manner.

The software can also assist in budgeting by estimating the costs associated with different elements in the script breakdown. This feature helps producers keep track of expenses and stay within budget.

Gorilla allows for the management of crew members, including cast and crew details, availability, and scheduling. This ensures that the right personnel are available on set when needed.

The software also generates various reports, including call sheets, scene breakdowns, and shooting schedules. These reports are essential for communicating information to the production team and cast. Gorilla is often used in conjunction with other film production software such as Movie Magic Scheduling and Movie Magic Budgeting, enabling a seamless workflow between different aspects of film production.

Gorilla Scheduling is available for both macOS and Windows operating systems, making it accessible to a wide range of filmmakers.

🧮 Gorilla Scheduling offers two pricing plans: a monthly plan for $29 per month and an annual plan for $249 per year. Both plans include all of the features of Gorilla Scheduling, such as unlimited projects, users, templates, and reporting.


Yamdu, the cloud-based pre-production powerhouse, is your time-saving, collaboration-boosting, error-reducing, and communication-improving partner in the world of filmmaking. It allows you to easily break down your script into scenes and shots. You can also tag each scene and shot with relevant information, such as cast, crew, locations, and props. This information can then be used to generate reports, create schedules, and track progress.

Yamdu's built-in storyboarding tool lets you craft visually stunning representations of your scenes. Add images, text, and annotations to your storyboards. It's not just planning; it's sharing your cinematic vision with your team in style.

Yamdu takes the headache out of scheduling. Create intricate schedules for your cast and crew, and watch progress unfold. Flexibility is the name of the game here – adapt on the fly to keep your production on point, and your budget intact.

Money matters, and Yamdu gets it. Track your expenses and income effortlessly with its integrated budgeting tool. Generate budget reports that give you the financial lowdown. Share these insights with your team and make informed decisions like a financial wizard.

You can also customize call sheets for every shooting day to include the information you need. This can be helpful for keeping your cast and crew informed and for ensuring that everyone knows what to expect on each day of shooting.

Yamdu isn't just for big studios; it's for all dream-weavers. Share your project with your crew and work in real time.  Yamdu is about perfect collaboration and crystal-clear communication ensure everyone's on the same wavelength.

🧮It's easy to use, packed with features, and budget-friendly. Yamdu offers a free trial, and paid plans start at $19 per month for up to 5 users.

In Sum

As we conclude our journey through the pre-production software landscape of 2023, one thing becomes abundantly clear: the future of filmmaking is undeniably digital, collaborative, and dynamic. The tools we've explored in this cinematic expedition are more than just software; they are the gateways to realizing creative visions with precision, efficiency, and financial mastery.

In an industry where every frame matters, selecting the right pre-production software is paramount. These digital companions have evolved far beyond script formatting and storyboard creation. They empower filmmakers, both seasoned and emerging, to craft their cinematic dreams into reality.

Friendly Technologies

From Fimustage’s AI script breakdown to StudioBinder's all-encompassing pre-production prowess, from ShotPro's precision shot planning to Movie Magic's scheduling and budgeting, each software solution offers a unique adventure.

So, whether you're a visionary director, a dedicated producer, or an aspiring screenwriter, the world of pre-production software beckons. Embrace these tools, explore their capabilities, and let your creativity soar. The cinematic canvas of 2023 awaits, and with the right software by your side, there are no limits to what you can achieve. 😉

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