Filmustage update: DOOD reports, enhanced scheduling, units

Filmustage's latest update offers groundbreaking features for filmmakers, including easy creation of DOOD reports, enhanced shooting scheduling, and sorting by specific production units.

Filmustage update: DOOD reports, enhanced scheduling, units

Filmustage is consistently at the forefront of innovation, continuously working to provide you with the ultimate tools for your filmmaking projects.

Our latest update brings a series of groundbreaking features that will transform your shooting scheduling and reporting experience.

1. Create and export DOOD (Day Out Of Days) reports with ease

Understanding the Day Out Of Days (DOOD) reports is now more convenient than ever. With the latest update, you can now create and export DOOD reports directly from the Reports tab.

DOOD 1.png

These reports provide essential insights into how many days actors, props, or other elements are needed for specific scenes. Learn how to view and export the DOOD report here.


This is an example of how the exported DOOD report looks in CSV (Google Sheets):


You can learn more about how to import your CSV file into Google Sheets.

2. Enhancements in shooting scheduling and Auto Day Breaks

Your shooting scheduling just became even more intuitive. The new update introduces critically enhanced shooting scheduling and Auto Day Breaks. Now, all shooting dates are assigned automatically, giving you a seamless experience. Day offs are not included in DOOD reports.


Moreover, manually moving several scene strips simultaneously provides more flexibility in aligning your shooting schedule with your vision. Whether you use a Mac or Windows, you can easily select and move scenes by holding down the Command or Ctrl key while selecting. Learn how to reorder scene strips in bulk here.

3. Sort your shooting schedule by a specific production unit

The new update introduces the "Units" column to the shooting schedule, allowing you to sort your schedule by a specific production unit in ascending or descending order. This addition offers even more control over your scheduling, making the planning process more efficient and streamlined.


Conclusion: Powering your filmmaking journey with advanced tools

Filmustage’s latest update is more than just a series of improvements. It is a comprehensive package designed to make your filmmaking process more efficient, intuitive, and enjoyable. From creating DOOD reports to enhancing shooting scheduling, these features are tailored to meet the demands of Assistant Directors, Line Producers, Directors of Photography, and VFX specialists.

Take advantage of the advanced capabilities of the Filmustage App. Explore these new features now at, and take your film project to the next level.

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