Winter release: Cast ID & Tag Editor

We’ve been hard at work these past few weeks adding new features to help make Filmustage platform even more valuable for you. We’re super excited to tell you all about these new improvements and we hope you enjoy them as much as we do.

Winter release:  
Cast ID & Tag Editor

Winter holidays have come to an end, and filmmakers are returning to their working routine in anticipation of another spring filming season. While we are waiting for the results of the Oscar nomination 2023 and look forward to the European Film Market (EFM) Filmustage is ready to present new functionality that will significantly improve the quality of your work.

We are thrilled to announce that we have introduced a list of new functionalities to the Filmustage platform:

  • Cast ID
  • Tag editor
  • Hidden elements addition
  • Navigation improvement

Casting is one of the most crucial parts of filmmaking because performance can significantly impact how audiences and critics receive a film. Having done an AI script breakdown at the Filmustage platform, casting directors will read through a screenplay and create character descriptions for each speaking role.

The reference report cast section can be used as a casting breakdown. Where you can add information about all the different roles, including the age range of the characters, appearance, character notes, and any relevant backstory that can help the actor further embody the part.

To add CAST ID you need to click on the character's name and the tag editor panel will appear.

Tag editor panel

On the same panel, you can:

  • upload the photo of the element
  • find the illustration in the library
  • change element category
  • delete element from the list
  • change element name
  • add element description
How to change element category

In addition, you can set up Cast ID automatically.

Cast IDs added for characters will be visible both in the reference reports and in the relevant field of the scheduling section.

In the scheduling section, we implemented two Cast ID modes:

  • industry standards mode where you will see only id numbers
  • custom mode with number and character’s name.

You can choose the one you like most.

Cast ID custom mode in the scheduling section

In cases when the script mentions elements with different names, but you know that it is the same object or character, you can merge them. In the reference reports, we added a special magic button for this purpose. You need to choose the elements you want to merge from the list and press the button MERGE.

Two chosen elements ready to be merged
Panel where you choose the name for the object to leave in the report

You will see the panel that allows you to choose the name for the character/object you would like to leave in the report and confirm the merge.

The elements that are not present in your script, but you want to see on set can be added now easily. On the top right corner of your page in the reference report section, you will find the button ADD ITEM.

Add item in the reference report section

Insert the element name, choose in what scenes the element needs to be present, and save changes. All the operations with the elements are available in the summary and reference report sections.

Create tag panel

If in your script the word is recognized as one element and you decide to use 2 different elements on set you can split the element into two different items.

To know how please watch the video below.

All the operations with the elements are available in the summary and reference report sections.

Pop-up where you choose to add new item or select existed 

Additionally, we improved navigation between the project sections.

When you are searching for the element in the script section or want to find it in the text, switching from the reference report to the script section the necessary element will be highlighted in the script and you will be able to find it easily without reading all the scene.

Choose the scene you want to check in the reference report section
Highlighted element in the script

Click here and try the new update!

If you have any questions or feedback – we’d love to hear your thoughts. Just drop us a message in a live chat or use an email [email protected], we'll be happy to tell how you and all your team may benefit from using Filmustage.

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