The best online courses for filmmakers 2023 - pt. 2

The evolution of online learning platforms has made it possible for budding filmmakers to acquire in-depth knowledge about the art of cinema, directly from their homes.

The best online courses for filmmakers 2023 - pt. 2

However, finding the right platform that covers the most practical aspects of filmmaking can be challenging. Here, we bring you an extensive review of the best online courses for filmmakers in 2023 - part 2, with a particular spotlight on Noam Kroll's website, a veritable treasure trove of resources for independent filmmakers.

Naom Kroll website home page

The filmmaking wisdom of Noam Kroll

Noam Kroll, a filmmaker himself, has created an insightful platform – His website serves as a comprehensive resource for filmmakers and video content creators. Distinguished by its focus on independent filmmaking, it offers practical advice on various aspects of filmmaking, including storytelling techniques, gear reviews, and interviews with filmmakers.

Naom Kroll website blog

Rich and diverse content

The website covers a broad spectrum of filmmaking topics through blog posts, podcasts, and video tutorials. For instance, its blog posts provide practical tips to improve your storytelling prowess and effectively utilize natural light. Podcasts feature illuminating interviews with successful filmmakers who generously share their insights. Video tutorials offer step-by-step guides on several filmmaking techniques such as using a green screen or editing a film using Adobe Premiere Pro.

Exclusive access through The Backlot

A unique aspect of is "The Backlot", a membership program that provides access to exclusive content and enables members to participate in live Q&A sessions with Noam and other filmmakers. These sessions can be a goldmine for filmmakers seeking personalized feedback and advice.

Strengths of Noam Kroll’s website

The website's key strength lies in its continued updation with well-researched, informative content. It offers diverse resources to cater to filmmakers at varying levels of experience. An engaging presentation, whether it’s through well-written blogs or aesthetically produced videos, helps in holding the attention of the learners. The design of the website itself is intuitive, making navigation a breeze.

Here are some specific examples of the value of the website:

  • The blog posts offer practical advice on how to improve your filmmaking skills. For example, one blog post provides tips on how to write a strong story, while another offers advice on how to use natural light effectively.
  • The podcasts feature interviews with successful filmmakers, who share their insights and experiences. This can be a great way to learn from the masters.
  • The videos offer tutorials on a variety of filmmaking techniques. For example, one video shows you how to use a green screen, while another teaches you how to edit a film using Adobe Premiere Pro.
  • The membership program gives you access to exclusive content, such as additional blog posts, podcasts, and videos. This can help you stay up-to-date on the latest trends in filmmaking.
  • The live Q&As with Noam and other filmmakers give you the opportunity to ask questions and get feedback on your own work. This can be invaluable for anyone who is serious about filmmaking.

Considering these facets, is a good choice for anyone interested in exploring filmmaking from an independent perspective.

Noam Kroll's Academy: A valuable resource for filmmakers

In addition to the website, Noam Kroll also offers an online academy called Noam Kroll Academy. The academy offers a variety of courses on filmmaking, including courses on directing, cinematography, editing, and screenwriting. The courses are taught by Noam Kroll himself, and they offer a wealth of practical advice and insights from a successful filmmaker.

The Noam Kroll Academy is a great resource for filmmakers who are looking to improve their skills and learn from a master. The courses are well-structured and informative, and they offer a unique opportunity to learn from Noam Kroll himself.

If you are serious about filmmaking, check out Noam Kroll's website and academy. They are both valuable resources for filmmakers of all levels of experience.

Here are some specific examples of the value of Noam Kroll Academy:

  • The courses are taught by Noam Kroll, a successful filmmaker with over 20 years of experience.
  • The courses offer a wealth of practical advice and insights from a master filmmaker.
  • The courses are well-structured and informative.
  • The courses are affordable and accessible to filmmakers of all levels of experience.

Alternatives to Noam Kroll’s website

While offers an enriching platform for independent filmmaking, there are other alternatives that complement its offerings:

  • Filmskills: Filmskills is known for its courses that cover everything from screenwriting to directing to cinematography. It also provides insights into more specialized areas like working with actors, color grading, and even safety protocols on set.
  • NYFA Online Learning: New York Film Academy’s online platform offers hands-on, project-based courses in various aspects of filmmaking. Their mentor-driven learning approach provides a great opportunity to receive direct feedback from industry professionals.
  • Film Independent: Film Independent offers several online labs and programs covering diverse aspects of filmmaking, from screenwriting to producing to directing.
  • FXPHD: For those interested in post-production, visual effects, and animation, FXPHD provides highly specialized courses.
  • Moviola: Moviola offers both free and paid training resources covering a variety of post-production topics.

Comparing Noam Kroll’s website with alternatives

Noam Kroll's website stands out due to its focus on independent filmmaking, the comprehensive nature of its content, and the active engagement of its creator. While Filmskills and NYFA Online Learning offer a broad curriculum, they lack the personal touch provided by Noam Kroll's live Q&A sessions. Film Independent and FXPHD, while providing in-depth courses, cater more to niche areas within filmmaking. Moviola is a great platform for post-production, but it does not offer the extensive coverage of pre-production and production topics available on


With the wealth of information and resources available online, there's never been a better time to hone your filmmaking skills. Among the myriad of choices, stands out as an indispensable platform for independent filmmakers. From its well-curated content to the exclusive Backlot membership, it offers practical tools and insights that can elevate your filmmaking journey. Explore the website today and embrace the opportunity to learn from one of the best in the industry.

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