Summer release: Scene breaks and Headings editor!

Filmustage is excited to present new features!

Summer release: Scene breaks and Headings editor!

Summer is over, which means that the cinematography comes alive in anticipation of another intense filming season. Filmustage believes that you should meet the new season with new features and functions that will significantly improve the quality of your work.

So, you can get started with Scene breaks with a simple click on the switch in the upper right corner.

Scene Breaks toggle switch is on the main page of Filmustage software

First and foremost, why is it necessary? Be meticulous in the preparation of your filming and divide each scene into separated sub-scenes. Believe us, this will not only create a more coherent picture of the upcoming movie, but will directly affect the scheduling & budgeting in a positive way.

Our main intention, however, was to create a way for the filmmakers to divide the script into heterogeneous pieces and distribute them in a certain order during the scheduling process. For example, the order in which the movie is shot does not correspond to the order of the scenes in the script. First of all, the shooting depends on the budget and the locations, i.e. the production can from the final scene, which is, by the way, a common practice.

After switching to scene breaks mode, you will see automatically generated lines. To create a new scene, just click on the “break” button at the desired place. At the opened menu you will be able to set the name, as well as the scene number, according to which it will be automatically placed in the order both in strips board and in the scheduling tab.

After pressing the "break" button the customization tab will appear

However, if you think it is more advantageous for the film development process to combine some scenes, you can easily do that by using the “merge with previous/next” feature.

Thanks to the scene heading editor you can manipulate the display color and description, just in two clicks.

You can also customize each scene by clicking on the "pencil" icon in the left table.

The results of your work will be best reviewed and managed in the scheduling tab, because we use instant synchronization, so the order and number of scenes will be the same throughout the process.

After editing you will also be able to see all the changes in the scheduling tab

Stay connected and focused on your scripts while we prepare amazing new features for a convenient and more versatile production process of film.

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