Filmustage announces a new Scheduling feature beta-testing

We have been working for a long time and now we are happy to announce the beta-testing of the new scheduling feature in the Filmustage software. Be one of the first to test the new functionality!

Filmustage announces a new Scheduling feature beta-testing

Art by @nadi_bulochka

New times bring us new challenges. Almost 2 years ago a pandemic hit humanity and our beloved industry was suffering huge financial losses, but the film industry was able to overcome those difficulties and the era of streaming madness has arrived. At the same time, the speed and quantity of content consumption picked up tremendously as we found ourselves locked at home and for many it was an opportunity to experience the wonderful world of cinema. But filmmakers have proved their mettle and resilience: more and more films, serials, documentaries and, of course, filmmakers are emerging. The entire film industry is growing rapidly and we are struggling to keep up.

It requires everyone involved to keep up the pace: you have to write and write scripts faster, optimize the filmmaking process, speed up all the preparatory work, and at the same time maintain and increase the quality. And here we also want to help you bring the piece to the Cinematic Galaxy. Our solution will help you significantly speed up the entire pre-production process and spend more time writing the script so that you get "The Empire Strikes Back" instead of "The Force Awakens". We've automated and accelerated the script breakdown process and now you can do it in just 1 minute.

Today we are happy to announce our next step - we have added scheduling to our software, now everything you need you can do on our Filmustage platform.

  • Specify each scene's shoot locations and estimated prep and shoot times.
  • Use real location tags from Google Maps.
  • Drag and drop scene strips to reorder.
  • Auto-order scenes by scene number, interior/exterior, shooting location, day/night, etc.
  • Export to Google Sheets and PDF files.

Let's create such masterpieces as “Star Wars”, “Star Trek”, “Pulp Fiction” etc. together. Plan new projects, keep up with the speed of the film industry - and we'll take care of all the routine work. Be among the first to test our new functionality. Stay in touch and move forward together. It's just the beginning.

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