From broken dreams to script breakdown

Hi all, today we want to acquaint you with the backstory of how the idea of an AI-based script breakdown platform was born. Our guest today is Egor Dubrovsky, co-founder and CEO of who wants to share his exciting story with the reader.

From broken dreams to script breakdown

Hi all, today we release the blog in a slightly unexpected format. This time we want to acquaint you with the backstory of how the idea of an AI-based script breakdown platform was born. Even the date is not a coincidence: on Christmas Eve we want to share with you an inspiring story that proves dreams do actually come true. Our guest today is Egor Dubrovsky, co-founder and CEO of who wants to share his exciting story with the reader. Enjoy.

But before we dive into this  journey, we want to remind you that the main idea of the blog is to bring love of art and try to inspire the shy guy sitting in the corner and keeping his creative ideas for himself to take a camera and implement his ideas and thoughts in a movie, leaving the boring pre-production routine to the Filmustage - automatic script breakdown.

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Hi, my name is Egor...

... I'am CEO, and co-founder of the Filmustage. I would like to tell the story of how Filmustage was born: how an unlucky accident led to a cool startup that helps a huge number of filmmakers around the world. Everything started with the journey to the United States.

How did I get to America?

Originally I'm from Belarus and for many years I have been working in advertising, filmmaking and photography there. When I was younger we were all excited about what we were doing and full of energy to learn and open new horizons. Thus, with my friends I founded my own production studio Nota Kitchen. As a part of the production process we went to LA to shoot a film, backstages, gain experience and make acquaintances, learn from the best. As expected I made a lot of friends and got interesting contacts among movie makers.

Visiting my friend in San Francisco and we decided to go to the jazz club. The music was amazing, and I had a wonderful time in the company of friends, but as it turned out later, it was a fateful evening for me.  I hadn't had a chance to leave all my valuable equipment, and documents at my friend's house before going to the club, leaving all that stuff in the boot of my car.

As it turned out later it was a criminal area and we were there simply by ignorance. When our wonderful evening came to an end, we unexpectedly found that the car had been broken into and my backpack and all my belongings disappeared.

The police were already nearby, but we found out they came for another call. I asked to help us and they had offered us to stay with them until they finished with the first call, where someone had either been robbed or had tried to kill someone. In short, the neighbourhood was dangerous.

I asked the police officers to lift fingerprints off the car, etc., because I had seen before how it had been done in films and TV series. They agreed to show me how they did it, but warned me that it would not bear any fruit. In truth, the police said that documents are usually thrown away in such cases and I could try to find them, but to no avail.

This is the story of how I lost everything but when one door closes another one opens to you, right?

I missed my flight home and called the Belarusian consulate where I was told that they would help me with all the papers to be able to return back home. It took me a couple of days to get my documents done, but it was a hurricane season in the USA and they couldn't deliver my documents. So I got stuck and had to wait for 3 months.

The Candle & the Curse
On the set of ‘The Candle & the Curse’

At that time I practically ran out of money and felt really insecure. I had to either join gangs, hahaha, or work as a dishwasher, but I decided to write to some friends and they helped me get a job shooting pilots for Netflix and Amazon, it was exactly what I was good at. There I started asking how they do script breakdowns and it turned out that everything was done analogously: with paper and pen in their hand. Then I didn't understand why in an era when there was so much technology and smart solutions filmmakers had to spend so much time on the routine processes - so I got the idea to automate and speed up those processes implementing AI-based technology in the filmmakers' day to day work.

Thus, by fate I left the film industry in my own country to immerse myself in Hollywood. But when I came back home, Hollywood stories, it's spirit and life inspired me to create an international product for filmmakers and studios that helps all talented filmmakers do Hollywood-quality work wherever they are in the world. Prepare your script - we'll do the rest.


The film industry is an industry of enthusiasm and dodginess. Once in the film industry, you'll always be in the flow of creative confusion of responsibility - and that's what inspires the entire Filmustage team. We want you to be able to work not only with great inspiration, but also comfortably with our product as well. Don't be afraid of failure and don't give up in the face of adversity. Merry Christmas! We wish you to believe in yourself and make even the craziest ideas and dreams come true.

Love, Filmustage team.

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