Complete Script Breakdown in Just Minutes

Streamline your pre-production planning and save invaluable time and costs with Filmustage's AI-powered script breakdown tool. Automatically identify critical script elements such as cast, props, locations, VFX, and more, and instantly update the summaries according to script changes.

Perform full script breakdown in one click
2 minutes instead of 100 hours

Perform full script breakdown in one click

Manual script breakdowns are extremely time-consuming and prone to human error.With Filmustage's AI tools, you no longer need to spend hundreds of hours identifying the main elements of the script and worrying about making mistakes. Simply import your script into our platform, and:

Customize your breakdown results
More accuracy

Customize your breakdown results

Is an element missing, irrelevant, or would you like to add a new category? With Filmustage, you can easily change the breakdown results to suit your needs:

  • Manage tags: merge, add, edit or remove tags.
  • Add and edit custom tag categories.
  • Add non-speaking characters or hidden elements.
  • Choose your own tag colors.
  • Find elements with a scene filter search.
  • Manage the scenes: change scene numbers and headings, merge scenes, add scene breaks, create sequences or extract flashbacks and montage parts.
  • Manage your 8ths.
  • Add your personal notes to the scenes.
Perform script revisions
Constant relevance

Perform script revisions

We understand that filmmaking is a dynamic process, and changes to the script often occur even during the filming period. To avoid the need to break down the modified script from scratch, simply upload the new version into the already created project.Filmustage will automatically update the breakdown results to reflect the script changes:

  • Identify new or deleted scenes.
  • Add new tags or identify deleted ones.
  • Preserve custom scene and tag settings from the previous version.
  • Save the previous script version, allowing you to revert if needed.
Create and export detailed reports and summaries
All information in one place

Create and export detailed reports and summaries

In addition to defining the main scenes and elements, Filmustage transforms the breakdown results into convenient summaries and reports.This makes it easier for you to use the information to create storyboards, shot lists, and other pre-production documents, and share it with your team:

  • Receive a clear adjustable summary broken down by scenes and categories.
  • Obtain a comprehensive, flexible report that includes information for each element, such as the number of scenes, appearances in the script, DOOD information, total page count, and notes and references.
  • Export your reports and summaries in a convenient format: PDF, XSLX, Movie Magic Scheduling, or Gorilla Scheduling.

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