Create an awesome movie schedule

That'll make Steven Spielberg green with envy

Filmustage helps you keep track of your film's plot, locations and characters. Specify each scenes shoot locations and estimated prep and shoot times. Use real locations tags from Google maps. Drag and drop scene strips to reorder.

Scenes order

  • Auto-order scenes by scene number, interior/exterior, shooting location, day/night and others;
  • Drag and drop scene strips to reorder
  • Create automatic Day Breaks
  • Add notes for your Day Breaks, assign Shoot Dates

Scenes timing and locations

Provide the specific locations and approximate time needed for preparation and filming for each scene.

  • Use location tags from Google Maps, add your own notes
  • Add hours estimation for every scene
  • Group location management tool with PDF export

Scene colours and Cast ID

  • Edit text and Colour on strips
  • Auto-generated synopsis for every scene, can be changed manually
  • Cast ID included in every scene

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