Export Your Projects To Industry-Standard Software

Our solution is crafted to ensure a seamless fit within industry-standard platforms. The platform accommodates your unique needs: whether importing scripts and exporting the breakdown to production management tools like Movie Magic Scheduling.

Export Your Projects To Industry-Standard Software
Features 01
Tailored for interoperability with widely recognized platforms in the industry.

Handling scripts with ease

Experience the convenience of dealing with various screenplay formats with Filmustage. We extend support to prevalent screenplay formats such as FDX and PDF. This means you can draft your screenplay using popular software like Final Draft and then seamlessly upload it to our platform. Once on our platform, Filmustage efficiently dissects your script into individual components, even recognizing intricate screenplay formatting details.

  • Compatibility with widely used script formats like FDX and PDF.
  • Swift and accurate decomposition of scripts into key elements in under 2 minutes.
  • Intelligent recognition of complex screenplay formatting details.
Features 02
Option to upload your screenplay or utilize our built-in scripting tools.

Creating detailed reports and summaries

Filmustage places you in the driver's seat of your script breakdown summaries and reports. Transferring your work to a different platform? Our 'Export' functionality offers a smooth solution. Download a complete summary or merely a specific scene's breakdown. Furthermore, our system generates exhaustive reports comprising elements vital for a well-structured pre-production process..

  • Easy export of comprehensive summaries to platforms such as Movie Magic Scheduling, CSV, or PDF.
  • Convenient export of in-depth reports containing important elements to CSV or PDF.
  • Access to complete summaries or select scenes as needed.
Features 03
Export your detailed script breakdown to other production management platforms.

Building efficient shooting schedules

Filmustage aids you in devising precise and streamlined movie shooting schedules. Our platform provides tools for you to effortlessly organize your scenes, assign Cast IDs or locations, and estimate timings. Having constructed your shooting schedule on Filmustage, you can export it to your choice of software or continue optimizing within our platform.

  • Inclusive tools for curating, sorting, and managing shooting schedules.
  • Easy export to popular software like Movie Magic Scheduling, Gorilla Scheduling.
  • Options to export shooting schedules in versatile formats like CSV or PDF.
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Ready to pass pre-production faster?

Imagine if you could save hundreds of hours on pre-production routines. Filmustage will help manage your risks so that you could focus on creativity.

  • Perform automatic script breakdown.
  • Create a shooting schedule.
  • Export your results to Movie Magic Scheduling and Final Draft.
  • Analyze your script for risks with the AI Script Analysis feature.

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