Case Study: How Grandave Capital saved 10 days on Pre-Production

Company: Grandave Capital

Location: San Diego

Industry: Feature Films


Founded: 2019

Movies: The Last Call, Gringo Hunters, Atypical Pirate

Meet Adan Garay and Grandave Capital

Adan Garay is a professional filmmaker with 8+ years of experience based in California, is associated with Grandave Capital—a prominent company specializing in feature films across various genres, including action, comedy, and thrillers.

Adan Garay. Image source:

Adan and Grandave Capital face challenges in managing script breakdowns and scheduling, which are essential aspects of the filmmaking process.

The Challenge: Time-consuming Script Breakdowns

One of the significant challenges Adan encountered was the laborious task of script
breakdowns. The traditional method of manually analyzing and tagging each element within the script consumed a considerable amount of time. However, Adan discovered a game-changer in Filmustage's Auto-tagging feature. Adan was able to streamline the script breakdown process significantly, saving valuable time and effort.

The Solution: Filmustage's Auto-Tagging Feature

Filmustage's Auto-tagging feature empowers filmmakers like Adan to automate and expedite the script breakdown process. By automatically identifying and categorizing various elements, such as characters, props, locations, and scenes, Filmustage eliminates the need for manual tagging. This allows Adan to efficiently organize and manage script details, enabling him to focus more on creative aspects and accelerate the pre-production stage.

The Result: Dramatic Time Savings

By leveraging Filmustage, Adan Garay has experienced a significant reduction in the time required for script breakdowns. Previously, without Filmustage, this process would take Adan approximately 7-14 days, factoring in additional tasks. However, with Filmustage's self-tagging feature, Adan now completes the script breakdown in just 3-4 days, providing him with ample time to invest in other critical aspects of the filmmaking process. Adan also uses Filmustage's export feature, allowing transfer the results of his work to Movie Magic, a widely-used industry software.


Adan used Filmustage to work on the movies The Last Call, Gringo Hunters, and Atypical Pirate.