Filmustage update: Bulk AI Scene Synopses and AI Script Analysis

We're excited to announce that Filmustage is introducing major updates that include bulk AI Scene Synopses and Script Analysis. These significant enhancements are already live.

Filmustage update: Bulk AI Scene Synopses and AI Script Analysis

Geared towards making your script analysis and synopsis generation processes faster, more efficient, and in tune with your project's specific requirements.

1. Bulk AI Script Analysis

The process of analyzing your script scene by scene can be time-consuming, especially for longer scripts. This is why we've introduced the ability to analyze your entire script in just one click. This significant upgrade lets you scan your screenplay for potential risks using AI and provides preventive advice, all at once.

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The AI Script Analysis tool dives deep into your script, identifying weak points and offering advice on possible risks and their prevention. We understand that different users have different needs, which is why the bulk analysis feature is tiered according to subscription plans:

  • Award-Winning Plan: Offers scene-by-scene analysis only, perfect for creators who enjoy an in-depth, scene-by-scene breakdown of their work.
  • Amazing Studio Plan: Users get the best of both worlds, with scene-by-scene analysis and 3 credits per project for bulk analysis. This plan allows for a mix of granular and comprehensive evaluation.
  • Enterprise Plan: Provides the ultimate convenience with scene-by-scene analysis and unlimited credits for bulk analysis, a great fit for users handling extensive projects.
A new button for the bulk script risks AI analysis

You can conduct your analysis using predefined parameters, including copyright clearance, COVID-19 health guidelines, minor safety measures, stunt precautions, and more. For a personalized touch, you also have the option to add your own custom parameters, giving you the freedom to concentrate on the aspects that are crucial to your project.

2. Bulk AI Scene Synopses generation

The new update also brings the bulk generation of AI Scene Synopses. Instead of generating a synopsis for a single scene at a time, users can now generate synopses for all scenes at once in one click. This is made possible through our advanced AI Scene Synopsis tool, engineered to provide a succinct yet comprehensive summary of each scene in your script.

The bulk synopsis generation feature varies based on subscription plans:

  • Award-Winning Plan: Allows for generating a synopsis for a specific scene only.
  • Amazing Studio Plan: Users can generate a synopsis for a specific scene and also have 3 credits per project for bulk synopsis generation.
  • Enterprise Plan: Users can generate a synopsis for a specific scene and have unlimited credits for bulk synopsis generation.
A new button for the bulk script scene synopses AI generation

Our intelligent App lets you select the maximum length of your scene’s synopsis, ranging from 100 to 500 characters. And for those who love a personal touch, we have the option to manually edit the generated synopsis to ensure it perfectly aligns with your creative vision.

3. Updated Tag Editor feature

Our Tag Editor feature has undergone a major revamp to provide you with even more flexibility. Now, you can do the following:

  • Merge more than 2 tags at a time.
  • Merge tags that are already in the script with those that you created yourself, i.e. with hidden elements or non-speaking characters.
  • You can add tags that are present in one scene to another scene, where they were not there originally.

So, you now have the creative freedom to make the Tag Editor work in line with your needs.


At Filmustage, we’re continuously looking for ways to help our users streamline their processes, make script analysis more comprehensive, and ultimately create better content. Our latest features are a significant step in this direction. Visit today to explore these new features and let us know how they're transforming your creative process. Stay tuned for further groundbreaking updates, that will come out sooner than you expect!

Also, you can always learn more about good old and fine new features at our Help Center.

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