Filmustage is going to European Film Market 2023

We're excited to announce that we'll be taking part as an innovative Startup in one of the biggest events in the film industry—the European Film Market! EFM is back, taking place February 17-21. This will be great time centered around film making and technology.

Filmustage is going to European Film Market 2023

European Film Market takes place annually during the Berlin International Film Festival. The event provides a platform for film professionals to meet and connect, and for international sales agents to showcase their latest films to buyers, distributors, and other industry professionals. EFM is definitely one of the most important film markets in the world.

For us, EFM has a special meaning. Filmustage had the great honor of hosting a panel discussion last year on new trends and innovations in film production, as well as how AI can help filmmakers. We discussed tech investing with William Cardwell, how to reach Unlimited Quality with custom AI tools with Simona Vasytė-Kudakauskė, and tech innovations with Roger Christian. Here is a video of how it was and a full description of EFM 2022 post:

Since last year, Filmustage feels excited to announce the features added to the platform:

  • Shooting schedule
  • Reference reports and notes for tags
  • Summary boards
  • Scene synopsis
  • Tag editor and manual tagging functions
  • Cast ID and scene breaks
  • Script breakdown, NLP improvement

We’re grateful to the EFM organizers for such a fantastic event last year, and we are looking forward to meeting offline and showing how much we have done to revolutionize the film industry. Our team is excited to meet filmmakers, partners, and investors alike! We prepared a few surprises to impress the film industry.

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