Roll Out the Red Carpet: Filmustage's 30% and 100% Discounts + The Oscars Quiz

The Oscars celebration with Filmustage has started! From March 7 till March 31, enjoy a 30% discount on our annual plans. Participate in our special quiz and unlock one month for free.

Roll Out the Red Carpet: Filmustage's 30% and 100% Discounts + The Oscars Quiz

Each year, the Dolby Theater hosts the film industry's most awaited event: the Academy Awards. Though predicting winners is part of the excitement, one thing's for sure: with Filmustage, you are always a winner! 👏

To help you get closer to triumph and celebrate the Oscars 2024 with you, we're making the magic of Filmustage even more accessible by offering:

  • 30% DISCOUNT on all our annual plans from March 7 to March 31.
  • ONE MONTH FREE for everyone who completes our Oscars quiz, shares their results on social media, and tags us.

💸 30% Off Annual Plans!

🔑 Simply use the promo code IAMAWINNER when purchasing annual plans. This special offer is valid until March 31, allowing you to access all our tools at this discounted rate for an entire year from your subscription date.

🎁 Quiz: Win a Month for Free!

Want a whole month of Filmustage for free? Dive into our engaging quiz to not only test your knowledge of cinema's most dazzling night but also unlock a 100% discount on our monthly plans. How?

  1. Complete the quiz below. 👇
  2. Share your quiz results on your preferred social media platform (LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter).
  3. Tag @Filmustage in your post.
  4. Await our message with an exclusive offer just for you: one month of our plans at no cost.

🔔 NOTE: You can combine this offer with the annual discount or enjoy it on its own.

Features That Deserve an Award

🌟 The Amazing Studio Plan, akin to the grandeur of the Best Picture category, is crafted for the director aiming for a sweeping narrative, offering extensive resources for up to 5 active projects. It's the choice for those orchestrating complex productions with an ensemble cast of features from AI script breakdown to multi-format exporting options.

🏆 The Award-Winning Plan, on the other hand, is tailored for the filmmaker who, with 3 active projects, narrates compelling stories within a concise framework. This plan brings the essentials of AI-driven pre-production tools to the forefront, making it perfect for creators focusing on impactful, shorter narratives.

Both plans are your backstage pass to Oscar-worthy productions, offering AI-driven script breakdowns, shooting scheduling, and insightful analyses. These tools are like the skilled craftsmen behind the scenes, making every detail of your production worthy of a standing ovation. Whether you're crafting a feature-length masterpiece or a short film with a punch, Filmustage has the tools to bring your vision to the red carpet.

A Toast to Your Success

As the film industry celebrates its brightest stars, Filmustage invites you to join the ranks of creators who are redefining the boundaries of storytelling. With the Oscars as your inspiration and Filmustage as your tool, there's no limit to what you can achieve. Don't miss this chance to script, plan, and execute your projects with the efficiency and precision of a winner.

And who knows, maybe next year, you'll be mentioning Filmustage in your acceptance speech on the Dolby Theater stage 😉

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