Filmustage 🎃 Halloween Sale: Transform your filmmaking journey

Seize Filmustage's Halloween Sale from Oct 30 to Nov 6! Dive into the magic with slashed prices on subscriptions, aiding filmmakers in script breakdown, scheduling, and collaborative efforts. Discover the ghastly good deals awaiting!

Filmustage 🎃 Halloween Sale: Transform your filmmaking journey

As the eerie atmosphere of Halloween descends, Filmustage is thrilled to unveil a spellbinding offer that’s nothing short of magical for our cherished community of Assistant Directors, Line Producers, Directors of Photography, and VFX specialists. From October 30 to November 6, 2023, we're casting a spell to slash prices like a scene from a horror flick. Enjoy a:

🧟 Monstrous 50% discount on monthly subscriptions with the promo code EVILDEAD

👻 Supernatural 30% discount on annual subscriptions using the promo code HAUNTED

Filmustage is not just a software, it’s your co-director in the digital realm. It’s built to understand the heartbeat of filmmaking, ensuring your creative vision isn’t lost in the mundane tasks. Here’s a glimpse of the enchanting features you unlock with Filmustage:

  1. Script Breakdown Magic: Dissect scripts into elements like PROPS and CHARACTERS in a heartbeat, leaving more time for the creative process.
  2. Shooting Schedule Sorcery: Craft a meticulous shooting schedule and assign shooting locations via Google Maps with a few clicks.
  3. Script Analysis Alchemy: Our AI delves into the script to identify potential pitfalls, offering advice to prevent them, making your production smoother.
  4. Scene Synopsis Spells: Generate scene synopses automatically, keeping everyone on the same page.
  5. Reference Image Rituals: Search the internet for reference images to ensure your vision is communicated clearly.
  6. 1/8th Count Charms: Adjust the 1/8th count effortlessly, keeping the logistics in perfect alignment.
  7. Exporting Enchantments: Seamlessly export projects to industry-standard software like Final Draft, Movie Magic Scheduling, and Gorilla Scheduling.
  8. DOOD Report Divinations: Create and export detailed DOOD reports, maintaining a crystal clear view of your project's progress.
  9. Team Access Talismans: Collaborate with your team efficiently through the Team Access feature, ensuring a harmonious workflow.

Moreover, Filmustage takes a solemn oath to guard your creative treasures. Your scripts are securely nestled in cloud-based servers located in the US, with a fortress-like protection denying access to third parties, including Filmustage itself. 🌙

This Halloween, let’s conjure cinematic magic together. The ghostly gates of discounts are wide open, but not for long. Don’t let this opportunity vanish into the night. Embrace the Filmustage magic, redefine your filmmaking process, and let the reels capture your imagination, not the horrors of disorganization.

Embark on a supernatural filmmaking journey with Filmustage at prices that won’t terrorize your budget. The clock is ticking, and the eerie hour of the sale’s end is nearing. Seize the ghostly good deals before they disappear into the abyss at midnight, November 6. 🎬👻

For a deeper dive into Filmustage’s cauldron of features, explore our blog. Unearth more about the sale and some spine-chilling Halloween family films to ignite your spooky season here.

Let the Filmustage’s Halloween sale be the phantom key to unlock a realm where your cinematic dreams take flight amidst the whispers of creativity. And again, your enchanted filmmaking journey awaits with your mystic promo codes:

  • EVILDEAD for 50% discount on monthly subscriptions
  • HAUNTED for 30% discount on annual subscriptions

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