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Automatic Script Breakdown and Scheduling service. Filmustage makes 100 scenes script breakdown in 1 minute. 24/7, free export in Movie Magic, PDF and Spreadsheets. Designed to save you time on routine tasks. Streamline your production process by using Scheduling feature.

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AI-based tagger

How it works

Take one sip of coffee. And all is done.

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Upload your script

Create your project in two clicks and upload the script in Final Draft or PDF format. We will automatically create the script breakdown with all the categories you need: Cast, Props, Locations, Makeup, etc.

  • Supports all popular screenplay formats
  • Get a script breakdown in seconds
  • More than 17 tag categories are recognized
Now at beta stage. Check it!


Specify each scenes shoot locations and estimated prep and shoot times. Use real locations tags from Google maps. Drag and drop scene strips to reorder.

  • Auto-order scenes by scene number, interior/exterior, shooting location, day/night and many others
  • Use real locations tags from Google maps
  • Export to Spreadsheets and PDF files


What professionals say about us.

  • Valuable for a producer
  • Very impressive
  • Save countless hours of work
  • Conceivably prevent errors
  • Without hiring someone
  • Cut down on costs and time considerably
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Ready to create a script breakdown faster?

Imagine if you could read a screenplay in seconds, not hours. Filmustage is the only service that reads a script and breaks it down scene by scene.

  • Unlimited projects
  • Automatic script breakdown
  • Export to Movie Magic Scheduling

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Simple, transparent pricing

Chose a better plan for your future great movie.

Billed Monthly
Billed Annually
Free forever plan
Fully automatic script breakdown with export limitations.
Available features include:
  • Automatic script breakdown
  • Unlimited number of projects
  • Export to Movie Magic Scheduling
    (10 scenes limit)
  • Export to CSV (10 scenes limit)
  • Export to PDF (10 scenes limit)
  • Scheduling (beta, 10 scenes limit)
Most popular
Award winning plan
Favorite plan for professionals with all new features coming soon.
Available features include:
  • Automatic script breakdown
  • Upload up to 7 projects per month
  • Export to Movie Magic Scheduling
  • Export to CSV (unlimited)
  • Export to PDF (unlimited)
  • Scheduling (beta, unlimited)
Amazing studio plan
The best plan for studios and large projects. Yoda recommended.
Available features include:
  • Automatic script breakdown
  • Upload up to 20 projects per month
  • Export to Movie Magic Scheduling
  • Export to CSV (unlimited)
  • Export to PDF (unlimited)
  • Scheduling (beta, unlimited)
Enterprise plan
Upon RequestΒ 
Customized plan for big studios and distributed teams.
All features included in "Amazing Studio Plan" plus:
  • Unlimited number of projects
  • Team access (up to 20 members)
  • Custom features and functions development
  • Personal support
Standalone app
Upon RequestΒ 
Offline app for big studios who cares about privacy.
All features included in "Enterprise Plan" plus:
  • Unlimited access
  • Offline app
  • Fine tuned AI model
  • 24/7 personal support

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