Benefit From All-in-One Pre-Production Platform

Filmustage empowers you to streamline your budgeting effectively, reclaiming up to 100 hours traditionally spent on script breakdown. Leverage smart reports, summaries, automated synopses, and risk management. Filmustage harnesses advanced AI technologies to optimize the pre-production process.

Benefit From All-in-One Pre-Production Platform
AI-driven all-in-one platform for filmmakers
AI platform for filmmakers

AI-driven all-in-one platform for filmmakers

An efficient solution to expedite your movie pre-production process. While pre-production has often been a daunting process, Filmustage reshapes it into an intelligent and engaging experience.

  • Simply upload your script and let our AI system do the heavy lifting. It identifies all elements in your script, including cast, locations, props, animals, stunts, and more, tagging them within minutes with an accuracy rate of up to 86%.
  • If you like want to add hidden elements or prefer manual interaction with script elements, our tag editor feature provides the flexibility to find, delete, merge, add hidden elements, or work with custom categories.
Streamlining your production plan
Harmonious with industry standards and formats

Streamlining your production plan

Avoid the hassle of swapping between programs when you can execute all your tasks in one place: automated script breakdown, scheduling, script elements’ summary, reports, references for script elements, automated scene synopses, and more.

  • Export your script to Movie Magic's SEX format.
  • Export to Final Draft's FDX format.
  • Export to Spreadsheets' CSV format and also PDF.
  • Import scripts in PDF and FDX formats.
Revolutionizing film industry software
Movie Industry Software

Revolutionizing film industry software

Invite your team to the platform and experience the efficiency of movie magic without unnecessary strain. Share resources with your team and leverage AI technology to accelerate your workflow, delivering your project faster.

  • Producers, Line Producers, Executive Producers.
  • 1st, 2nd, 3rd ADs, Script Supervisors.
  • Directors, Directors of Photography, Screenwriters.
  • Media companies.
  • VFX Supervisors, UPMs, Stunt Supervisors, Art Department Professionals, Production Designers, Location Managers, Props Managers, and more.
  • Budgeting and Payroll services.

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Security first

Here's why you can trust us with your projects.

Multi-factor authentication

We use OKTA, an industry-leading security solution, to strengthen our platform's security.

Secure location

All scripts are securely stored on cloud-based servers located in the United States.

No access for third-parties

Neither Filmustage nor any third party has access to your scripts.

Ready to pass pre-production faster?

Imagine if you could save hundreds of hours on pre-production routines. Filmustage will help manage your risks so that you could focus on creativity.

  • Perform automatic script breakdown.
  • Create a shooting schedule.
  • Export your results to Movie Magic Scheduling and Final Draft.
  • Analyze your script for risks with the AI Script Analysis feature.

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