Single interface film pre-production software

Filmustage helps to manage your budget effectively, saving up to 100 hours on script breakdown. You can benefit from smart film reports, summaries, automatic scene synopsis, and risk management analysis thanks to the advanced use of AI technologies in all steps of film pre-production.

Single interface film pre-production software
Features 01
AI platform for filmmakers

Time and money saver for movie pre-production process

The pre-production process has always been challenging, Filmustage made it intelligent and pleasant!

  • Simply upload your script and let the AI system work for you. All the elements in the script, like cast, locations, props, animals, stunts, etc., will be tagged in 1 min with up to 86% accuracy rate.
  • Do you want to add hidden elements to the list or work with script elements manually? With the tag editor can find, delete, merge, add hidden elements, or operate with custom categories.
Features 02
Plan properly your production

Compatible with industry standards and formats

With Filmustage you do not need to jump from one program to another if you can make everything in one place: automatic script breakdown, scheduling, script elements’ summary, reports, references for script elements, automatic scene synopsis, and more. Filmustage platform is compatible with film industry standards allowing you to import and export your script, export reports, scheduling, summaries, locations, and props lists to operate with this information according to your production needs.

  • Export your script to SEX. (Movie Magic)
  • Export to FDX. (Final Draft)
  • Export to CSV. (Spreadsheets) and PDF
  • Import script in PDF. and FDX.
Features 03
Movie Industry Software

Can revolutionize the wide range of industry professionals and production studios

Add the team to the platform and see how movie magic can be done without extra effort. Share materials with the team. Benefit from AI technology to get your work done, and the project delivered much faster. Who can benefit from the Filmustage pre-production software:

  • Producer, Line Producer, Executive Producer
  • 1st AD, 2nd AD, 3rd AD, Script Supervisor
  • Directors, Directors of Photography, Screenwriters
  • VFX supervisor, UPM, stunt supervisor, art department professionals, production designers, location managers, props managers, and others.
  • Media companies
  • VFX/VP studios
  • Budgeting and Payroll services
Projects created at the Filmustage platform by the end of 2022.
Hours of manual work saved by using the Filmustage platform.
Money saved by using the Filmustage platform.

Ready to create a script breakdown faster?

Imagine if you could read a screenplay in seconds, not hours. Filmustage is the only service that reads a script and breaks it down scene by scene.

  • Automatic script breakdown
  • Scheduling feature
  • Export to Movie Magic Scheduling

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