Black Friday with Filmustage: We Gonna Make You an Offer You Can’t Refuse!

This Black Friday, step into the world of Filmustage, where the power of AI meets the art of filmmaking, with the SPECIAL LIFETIME PRICE for Amazing Studio Plan. This offer stands as a testament to our commitment: to serve the film community with the respect and innovation it deserves.

Black Friday with Filmustage: We Gonna Make You an Offer You Can’t Refuse!

🎬 From November 16 to December 1, 2023, Filmustage presents a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity: a lifetime subscription to the Amazing Studio Plan for a one-time fee of just $299!!! 😲

Compared to the standard rate of $59/month, this deal is not just a saving – it's an investment in your legacy. Because "a man who doesn't spend money wisely, will never be rich".

Great Project Are Not Born Great, They Grow Great

And Filmustage's AI-driven tools are here to grow your film production capabilities. This plan is a godsend for assistant directors, line producers, directors of photography, and VFX specialists, designed to let you focus on what you do best - creating cinematic masterpieces.

What Will You Get for Such an Illegally Low Price? 🤑

  • AI Script Breakdown: Turn scripts into detailed elements with a precision that rivals Tom Hagen's counsel.
  • Breakdown Summary & Reports: Keep your crew aligned, like the Corleones' unwavering loyalty.
  • Shooting Scheduling: Adapt and plan your shoots with the strategic acumen of a mob boss.
  • AI Scene Synopsis: Summarize complex scenes with the clarity of Vito Corleone.
  • AI Script Analysis: Anticipate and neutralize risks like a true Don.
  • Team Access + 3 Free Members: Expand your family with trusted members, ensuring no Fredo in your midst.
  • Account Security by OKTA: Guard your project like the Corleones guard their empire.
  • Exporting Capabilities: Export to DOOD Reports, PDFs, CSVs, and integrate with Final Draft and Movie Magic, ensuring your operations run smoother than a clandestine family meeting.

You will also get access to all product updates and new upcoming features, including budgeting, various languages, and more.

Today We Settled Your Film Business

🗝️ Activate this offer by choosing the Annual Plan and using the promo code BackinBlack23.

Pay just $299 once* and get the access embrace a lifetime of filmmaking prowess.

Leave the gun. Take the cannoli... and the Filmustage Amazing Studio Plan! 🎥

* ⚠️ Please be aware that during checkout, your bill may display as an 'annual purchase' due to technical constraints of our payment systems. However, rest assured – this is purely a formality. By proceeding, you are indeed securing a Lifetime subscription. We guarantee that you'll be a valued member of the Filmustage family for life, with no additional annual renewals or hidden conditions.

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