Collaborate With Your Team In Real Time

Supercharge your filmmaking projects with Team Access feature. Embrace the power of collaboration and bring your filmmaking vision to life in a shared, seamless workspace. The Team Access feature is a step towards effortless project execution and enhanced productivity.

Collaborate With Your Team In Real Time
Why choose Team Access?
Save time and money on production

Why choose Team Access?

Offered exclusively with our Award Winning Plan and Amazing Studio Plan subscriptions, there're several reasons why you will be happy to use the Team Access feature which:

  • Facilitates unlimited invites to fellow filmmakers with active Filmustage subscriptions.
  • Ensures complete project safety—only you can delete your project or manage collaborators.
  • Cultivates an environment of creativity, cooperation, and shared success in filmmaking.
Take full advantage of your subscription plan
No One will get lost

Take full advantage of your subscription plan

There's a difference between the two subscription plans, for which the feature is available:

  • Award Winning Plan: Revolutionize your collaborative efforts with unlimited invites to team members having an active Filmustage subscription.
  • Amazing Studio Plan: Invite unlimited team members and also enjoy the privilege of three free credits to bring onboard members without any Filmustage subscription.
Empower your team, secure your project
Сonvenience for the whole team

Empower your team, secure your project

Welcome your team members to immerse themselves fully in the project, enjoying full access to all the project information and functions.

  • Team members can actively contribute and interact.
  • You always remain in control - your project's deletion and collaborator management rest solely in your hands.

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Security first

Here's why you can trust us with your projects.

Multi-factor authentication

We use OKTA, an industry-leading security solution, to strengthen our platform's security.

Secure location

All scripts are securely stored on cloud-based servers located in the United States.

No access for third-parties

Neither Filmustage nor any third party has access to your scripts.

Ready to pass pre-production faster?

Imagine if you could save hundreds of hours on pre-production routines. Filmustage will help manage your risks so that you could focus on creativity.

  • Perform automatic script breakdown.
  • Create a shooting schedule.
  • Export your results to Movie Magic Scheduling and Final Draft.
  • Analyze your script for risks with the AI Script Analysis feature.

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