Filmustage Affiliate Program

Filmustage Affiliate Program

No limit on earnings. Send as many customers as you want!

Get your affiliate link, share with your network and earn 20% of each new paid subscription that comes through your link.

We offer a generous 60-day cookie window along with up to 1-year commission share for each customer you sent.


We share 20% of our gross revenue for the first year with our affiliates who lead the customer.


With a generous 60-day cookie window, you keep the lead even if the visitor stumbles upon other affiliate sites. You'll retain the lead for up to 60 days.


When one of your leads becomes a paid subscriber, we wait 30 days to clear commissions based on that sale. You can get paid when your total commission amount exceeds 50 USD. After 30-days safe period ends, we rollout the payouts to your preferred banking method (like PayPal)


For the first year of a Filmustage paid tier subscriber, we share 20% of our gross revenue. For "monthly" users, you keep earning for the first year's 12 consecutive billing cycles (that's one year). For "Filmustage's annual plans" subscribers you referred, you receive a commission for the first payment.


For example, if you sell a 'Amazing Studio' monthly plan ($149/mo), you earn $29.80 each billing term for 12 consecutive billing terms (if the consumer continues to use Filmustage on that plan). You would make a total of $357.60 (12 x 29.80) in commissions per client.

To check your progress, see your performance stats log in to your affiliate dashboard.

Are there any rules?

Just a few, but they should keep us all happy:

  1. You may not use your affiliate link in some paid media. This includes Google ads and Google search or anything similar that would compete with Filmustage’s marketing and cause confusion for potential customers. Please don't do that. If you want to use paid media as a source to attract more customers to Filmustage please contact us by email [email protected] to discuss source of traffic and materials you would like to use.
  2. All the marketing materials used for paid advertising should be previously agreed or provided  by the Filmustage team.
  3. Payouts are made at the beginning of each month.
  4. Referral commissions are approved on a monthly basis. There is a minimum delay of 30 days before approving pending commissions (to account for any refunds since we have a 30-day refund policy).
  5. Depending on when a commission is earned in a month, it can be pending for up to 30 days.
  6. Self-referrals are not allowed. This is not a way to get a discount on your own account.
  7. Abuse or gaming will result in having your account banned.
  8. Fraudulent Traffic – clients generated at the Filmustage’s Platform through illegal means or in bad faith, which could be considered as such at the Filmustage’s sole and absolute discretion, regardless of whether or not it actually causes or may cause harm to the company or any third party.
  9. Fraudulent Traffic includes, but is not limited to, Spam or Unsolicited Promotions, distribution in breach of any distribution conditions whilst knowing that distribution conditions apply, licenses purchased by stolen or lost payment cards, collusion, offers to share the Affiliate Fee to become a qualified user, unauthorized use of any third parties’ accounts or intellectual property of the Filmustage and/or any third party. In such cases your account will be banned and commission withheld.
  10. We reserve the right to change the terms of the Filmustage Affiliate Program at any time.

More details can be found in our help section.
Also, read our Affiliate Program Terms.